Jad Ib©rica seeds


Jad Ib©rica seeds

SEMILLAS JAD IBERICA, S.A. was constituted in 1974.
They are producing and drug dealers of horticultural and distributing seeds of the American multinational, UNITED GENETICS COMPANY.

They produce horticultural seeds and presupuestans productions.

His founder, Antonio de Llano Zambrano, created it following the demands of the time, and an eagerness of commitment with the frontier and Spanish field. Little by little, this company of familiar character has been evolving and adapting to the present times. But there is something never has changed, is the vocation on watch to all the people who work in the agricultural sector.
The eagerness of every day is to take care of with speed the exigencies of the professionals wholesale level, independent of its size and/or forms mercantile, at the same time as to take care of the fans or amateur in the retail level.

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