Sworn herd of mares of a military stud farm Lena

herd of mares of a military stud farm-jury-firewood

Sworn herd of mares of a military stud farm Lena

The Sworn Herd of mares of a military stud farm Firewood was founded on 1996, fruit of the liking that the horse of Pura Raza Espa±ola in its proprietor don Antonio Jurado S¡nchez wakes up, with the acquisition of the four first mares: Italica VIII, Impetuous, Lady, and Higuerita the two first of the iron of Manorialism of Baria­n, with origins Lovera and Miura, and the other of the cattle ranch of Vara Mu±oz-Casilla.

The first mares were covered with stallion with the Censyra, stallion of the Iron of the Mouthful. At the moment the Herd of mares of a military stud farm counts on nineteen mares of belly that are covered by the four stallion ones on that it counts the cattle ranch with irons of the cattle ranch of Granda and the Stairs: R-Kurd TM, Infant X, Legionary, Dino IV.

The objective of the cattle ranch is the product selection that honors by their nobility and attitude for the taming obtaining in all the morphologic contests where important prizes have gone emphasizing between those of the stallion ones: better reproducer cabaex R-Kurd TM and better exemplary Cordoba 2009 Dino IV

The cattle ranch grazes in the property the Jew to four km of Merida by the highway of Don lvaro. Some colts and fillies are transferred to a frontier meadow to twenty km of Badajoz where they begin his preparation for the taming between natural grass and the acorns of the meadow. The two property have suitable ships, boxes, picaderos, tracks of work, caminador, in addition to their corresponding accessory facilities.

The sale of its products concentrates mainly in animal of a year so that they can tame them that acquire them although also units of more age are sold already tamed.

It is necessary to mainly emphasize also the results of the coverings of our stallion ones in mares of other cattle ranches that visit gustosas to us, of Galicia and Catalonia.

From the first day this has been a hobbie for its founder reason why as much the quality as the price of their units is optimal, the only thing that is needed is liking and taste by the Spanish horse.
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