Information of the Cookies

We informed to him that our webpage uses own cookies and of third parties for the benefit of the asked for services and to improve the user experience.

The cookies are files that unload in the device of the user when acceding to certain webpages and that are stored in the memory of the same. The cookies, among other things, allow to store and to recover information on the habits of navigation of a user or his equipment, to see what pages are visited, the connect time, to analyze the operation of a page, if technical problems exist, etc.

We use own cookies in order adequately to present the information, according to the configuration of his device and considering the actions that realises during its visit. In addition we used cookies of third parties for the measurement and statistical analysis of the use that the users do of the website by means of Google Analytics, are also used cookies of social networks as can be Facebook, Twitter, Google+,¦ that allow the identification of the user.

The majority of the navigators indicates how to form their navigator so that it does not accept cookies, so that it notifies to him whenever it receives a new cookie, as well as to deactivate them completely. In order to control what use wants that it becomes of his information, it can form the navigator of his device in the form that it considers more advisable for you.

In any case, we make him notice that if the cookies are deactivated, the quality of the webpage can fall.

We indicated the following connections to him, where it will be able to find more information on the different navigators:

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