Why your page has to have design Web responsive


Why your page has to have design Web responsive

It is possible that when you sent to the page of your store or commerce, Web would not consider in its design an important factor: the tremendous technological advance that allows the access to Internet from several devices. These advances present great advantages (as for example, to obtain more possibilities of arriving at the users), but a serious problem considers if were not chosen or Web has changed to a design responsive.


Of what it consists?
With a design Web responsive you obtain that the experience of the user is optimal while it sails by your page, independent of the device from which it is connected. If you consider that more than 20 million Spaniards is connected daily to Internet, mainly through smartphone, and that at world-wide level 1,000 million people use one tablet - number that will reach 2,000 million in 2016-, you will understand the importance of which your Web is adapted to all the devices.

It is necessary to consider, in addition, that this technological user lies down to being comfortable, to wish the things immediately and, that in many occasions, move by impulses. A design Web responsive gives to the option to the brand or company to be at the moment and place adapted to facilitate to the user the purchase. If on the contrary the user accedes with his movable device and the webpage presents problems (delay in the load, problems with the content, etc.), stops and passes to another one site.


Something to consider more
At the home of Google year he announced that responsive would penalize those Web without design Web. Although it is not a penalty in itself, yes that is certain that the first positions offered in their results search will be always optimized Webs, with the purpose of offering the best experience to the users.

Test of optimization for mobiles

So, already you know: the design Web responsive, an essential change.

Responsive without commitment asks estimated design to us Web.

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