7 key points for the SEO in 2016


7 key points for the SEO in 2016

If you want to secure to a good positioning Web for site of your brand, you cannot leave of side a correct application of the SEO. This implies to know the tendencies that govern at every moment this sector, that is characterized to evolve constantly.

Thus, the SEO in 2016 will be in force by 7 basic points:

1. The pump of the local SEO.

In 2016, to position your Web considering the proximity will make you gain many points. The height of the wereables technologies and the tendency of the consumer search businesses close will turn to the local SEO in one of the great protagonists to position your Web.

2. The video, more and more high-priority.

Many companies open their strategies to find new ways to present their contents and the forecasts indicate that the video is one of which will generate more interest.

3. The necessity to have site mobile-friendly.

The consumers more and more consume Internet through mobile and tablet, reason why a good strategy name brand in 2016 must concentrate in smartphones.

4. The finders will index publications in social networks easily.

Therefore, it is the moment for considering the SEO in posts published if we want to secure a greater visibility.

5. Apps, fundamental.

Google also will continue improving its indexing of applications, that considers an element fundamental to increase the traffic of the Webs. For that reason, the links in these will have much more importance.

6. More and more personal searches.

The direct use of the finder of Google no longer is the only way to make a search by Internet. It is hour of which we begin to think about the voice searches which they realise the digital assistants to adapt our contents to them.

7. Added content.

Thanks to the added content, created by the own consumers, the paper of the news will acquire a new approach.


It applies these advice and you will be able to improve the positioning of your Web!

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