Semrush “ the tool definitive SEO


Semrush “ the tool definitive SEO

How long you have used trying to position unlimited hosting without success your webpage? How many calculations you have done of the money that you must spend you to position it of an effective way? Which is the great mystery of the positioning Web? Which is the formula so that my page is in number 1 of the finders? It seems that it is the secret better kept after the one from the Cocaine user. Most incredulous they think that it is magic thing, but not¦

For looking for! Not more headaches! We have found It!

A simple and intuitive tool exists that guarantees the improvement to you of the positioning to eat with potatoes your competitors to you.

Semrush is the tool SEO of the moment, and it is not to be strange because it is the WHOLE IN the ONE most powerful one of the market.

With this tool you will be able to advance by the right to your competitors and to increase the visits to your Web. Next I tell you how it works.

It analyzes key words

I am going to teach the potential to you that has this magnificent tool SEO.

You know the importance very well that has the key words at the time of positioning a webpage. The correct election of this keyword can mean the success of your business, at the same time as a bad election can suppose a full failure to you, loss of time and money.

For that reason it is important to know which is the true potential of the keyword that we have thought and to ask to us: She is the correct one? Most effective? The one that will take me to the success? Semrush says it to you and I explain to you how with the following example:

We are going to suppose that you have a store of bicycles in Madrid and want to know all the details about the keyword (keyword) that you have thought: Bicycles. We make the consultation and what says Semrush to us?


Organic search: I number of searches and results in google.

Search of payment: the cost by click (CPC) in announcements of google and the competition in those announcements. 1.00 are highest.

In the right part we are the tendency search in the last 12 days old.

We happen to the ranking to know who is the dominator in that keyword (keyword).


We can see that they are all the sharks of the world of the bicycle there. We must be conscious that it will be difficult to us to compete with them. But this problem has solution. More down, in It finds your place, I say the solution to you to this problem. Before we are going to analyze our competitors.

Spy to your competition

We must know what estan making our competitors and take advantage of all that information in our benefit. Our objective is to surpass to them and Semrush is a great ally. It is as having a spy who is to us informing into all movements and action. We will know everything of all, from the small store from the corner to the great multinational of the sector, no will be possible to be hidden of us.

With this tool we can analyze the entrails of great website: amount of connections, from where they come, key words that is generating them visits and in what position in google is, etc. A TRUE MADNESS! Imagine to you what you can let knowing all the data of your competitors!

We follow with our example of bicycles. It interests to us to spy to, the competing major. Clicamos in the domain:



It finds your place

Why it serves all the information that we have obtained? Then to know the difficulty that it has to position each keyword thus relating it to our competitors and, to find a realistic objective. It is necessary to have the feet in the ground and search the maximum effectiveness in our work. In this the miracles do not exist and unless you are a company with indefinite budget is going to you to be almost impossible to position the key words used by the great colossuses of the sector well in which you work. For that reason it is necessary search alternatives, solutions:

We follow with the example: in the market of the bicycle it is very difficult to enter with that keyword, so we will try to find alternative key words that they allow but an easy positioning us, for example: cheap Madrid bicycles, bicycles Madrid, etc. everything with the help of Semrush.

It is necessary to find the balance between the searches and the difficulty in positioning them. Whatever more searches and less difficulty, better!

For that reason this tool is essential to make our analysis, because perhaps you are working in vain trying to position a keyword very very difficult.

This phase of analysis is also of most important before home to do some work SEO.

Complete audit of your site com Semrush

Since there am saying to you, the analysis of the keyword and the competition is very important, but there are other complementary factors that also influence and much! at the time of positioning ours site. In our page we can have errors that penalize the positioning to us Web. For that reason, so that a work SEO is complete is crucial the audit of the site. For it Semrush offers the possibility you of programming a task to execute it when you want.

In that complete audit we can see things as:

  • Absence of important elements of the internal SEO of your site (On Page). Famous h1, h2, put-description, etc.
  • Errors of optimization of titles, optimal number of words for the article, etc.
  • The speed of load of each page, we suggest using ssd vps hosting for the loading page speed.
  • Broken connections.
  • Absence of sitemap.
  • Images without attributo ALT.

I leave an audit you of site of framework of wordpress that use to make the pages in wordpress.


Pursuit of the work

How to know if these doing a good work? Semrush says it to you, because it allows you to know the evolution the actions that you have undertaken. By means of a exahustivo pursuit of the results that you are obtenidendo, you will know if you go by the good way or must redirect your efforts. You obtain data of everything: as much of the audit, as of the position of your key words in the results of google (SERP), etc. I repeat: this is fundamental because it serves you for direccionar your center of work in which really you need.


No longer we needed 5 or 6 tools to do the work of search engine optimization. Now we have the true Everything in One . Semrush has entered with much force the world SEO because it is the most complete tool of the market, and is used by the best experts in positioning.

Now you ask yourself: For whom it is this tool?

Then not only for the experts, for you also, and for whom it really has a webpage and it wants to position it of organic and lasting form.

How many working hours you can be saved using this tool? The answer is simple, very many! Not only it optimizes the work to you but it says if these to you working in the right path, and that gentlemen, it does not have price!

Is expensive the Semrush tool?

Imagine to you what you would have to spend if contracts a company SEO so that it does the work to you. Certainly sometimes you have requested a budget and you know that in this arduous work you thousands of Euros can be gone. Semrush puts all their potential to your reach by 69.95$ (some 60‚¬ to the present change), a price that not this nothing badly if we consider all the advantages that do not offer.

They free have a version of test with some limitations but at least already you can be made an idea.

If it interests to you and you want to throw a look to him I leave the connection here you:

to go to semrush >>

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  1. Pablo he says:

    I have liked much the post! Very complete and detailed. Long ago that I want to learn SEO and this tool it seems to be magnificent!


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